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In just two weeks, one of Lake Tahoe’s greatest secrets will be unveiled.

At the bottom of Emerald Bay are the sites of more than a dozen sunken vessels. California State Parks will open an underwater trail to four sites in Emerald Bay leading visitors through a boat graveyard. Take a boat and peer down into the wreckage dating back from the 1920s and ‘30s. State park divers found two large barges and a dozen recreational boats, including a vintage 27-foot launch. Denise Jaffe is the associate state archaeologist who headed up the project and a scuba diver who helped develop it.

This is the largest and most diverse group of sunken small watercraft of their type in their original location. The trail will be called the “Emerald Bay Maritime

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Flirtey CEO Matt Sweeney claims that the drone delivery age is right around the corner and Reno will be the first on the list.

The Reno-based drone company completed the first multi-drone delivery demonstration with a single pilot in the Federal Aviation Administration’s Drone Integration Pilot Program. The test was successfully performed in front of FAA representatives and put the company on track to approval for its drone delivery program. They hope to send consumer products by air, including FedEx packages, medical equipment and supplies.

“This program runs us through the end of 2020, so we expect that we’ll be regularly saving lives and improving consumer lifestyles through drone delivery in Reno even before that,” Sweeney said. “We’re

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There are so many awesome outdoor experiences around Reno and Lake Tahoe and Interbike 2018 is here this week so we wanted to share some of our favorite mountain biking trails.

Before we know it, members of the biking world from all over will be descending on our area looking for great places to ride. These trails are fun for locals and visitors alike!


Peavine is a great place to start here in the Reno area. It has a huge network of trails and the Biggest Little Trail Stewardship has spent recent years adding and improving the single-track trails. Peavine is a big mountain all by itself on the northwest side of town, resulting in fast, flowy trails with awesome views of downtown Reno and the Sierra Nevada.

The Marlette Flume at

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The world’s largest free hot-air balloon festival makes its return to the Rancho San Rafael Regional Park this weekend.

In 1982, just 20 hot-air balloons took flight at the Great Reno Balloon Race. Now, close to 100 balloons will lift off on September 7 – 9. Spectators are clad in pajamas, wrapped in blankets and clutching hot beverages as they gaze into the sky for the Glow Show that takes place at dawn. Shortly after, some will rise for Dawn Patrol and then the rest follow later at Mass Ascension. Skill and consistency are the keys to a victory and a piece of the $11,000 prize.

The mission of the GRBR is to provide a premier, safe and family oriented event that is visually dramatic and celebrates the joy of flight while remaining free to the

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